What is the International Food Catalogue Show?

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The International Food Catalogue Show 2012 is a large Business-To-Business Catalogue Exhibition corner part of Salima International Food Fairs which considered the number one food trade fair in central Europe. It is an easy, affordable way to get in touch with qualified buyers, representatives, licensing and joint venture partners without leaving your office and reducing the high cost of stand rental, traveling, shipping, etc…
The International Food Catalogue Show considered the most cost effective way to examine new markets and regions with an immediate measurement as a result of accurate feedback reporting.

About Salima International Food Fair..

Under the Salima Trade Fair banner, there is four international food fairs, each one designed specifically for the right customer in the sector. Salima brings together food producers and food technology with MBK Bakery, milling and confectionery) INTECO (the essential fair for hoteliers and the hospitality trade) and VINEX (for the wine producing sector). These four fairs run concurrently to spotlight the very best of Central European food and food technology sectors to buyers worldwide.

Latest trends and ideas are very much to the fore in this diverse sector, ranking amongst the world’s most important trade fairs for both the RETAIL and HORECA sectors

The Exhibition will take place from the 28th February till the 02nd March 2012, and will include International Food industry, Milling Industry, International equipment for retail trade and Packaging equipment, the latest tools and technological developments.

The International Food Catalogue Show will focus on:

- Fresh food, Organic food, Delicacies, Suitable foods, Local & regional food, Global food.
- Food supplements                     
- Food labeling                     
- Marketing and Food sales           
- New trends in packaging for food and Beverages                     
- Logistics and storage

- Technologies for the following industries:

Dairy, Meat, Fruit &Vegetable Processing, Production of Pastas &Sweets, Production of
Alcoholic &Soft drinks and Others.                 

How IS The Catalogue Show Work….

•    Sample imageParticipants in The International Food Catalogue Show send their catalogues and other promotional materials to be displayed in attractive stands in the International Food Catalogue Show 2012 partition during the entire Expo four days.

•    Visitors of the Salima International Fairs will be invited to visit The International Food Catalogue Show partition, examine the display stands, and receive free copies of the participant company's catalogues that match their interests.

•    Visitors will be required to provide their complete contact details which will be sent to the participant companies so that exhibitors can follow up with them.

•    After the show, the organizer of the International Food Fair Catalogue Show will deliver by email a full detailed data base report to each participant company including contact details and comments about the visitors who received specific catalogues in order to allow the Catalogue Show participants to remain pro-active and follow up these highly qualified potential leads.

How IS The Catalogue Show Help…..

•    Building a company image and back up your local representative if you already represented in region.
•    Your catalogues professionally displayed to a highly targeted audience and distributed to top business community in the region.
•    Company details including a full entry profile (up to 45 words) will be included in the catalogue show official guide in both English and Czech languages to allow every visitor to get the exhibitor’s message and will be distributed free to all visitors.

•    Back up information from your national embassy commercial department staff (if they are participating in the show).
•    The organizer will provide a fully experienced staff in export and international trading who will represent your company and guide the visitors to collect the catalogues matching their interests and giving them exhibiting company’s basic information.

Who will get your company catalogues?

The International Food Catalogue show 2012 partition is open for business and trade visitors only and require business card to enter, The team members will make sure that your company catalogues will be distributed to the top business visitors and achieve targeted audiences such as:

Importers, distributing companies, independent retailers, Hypermarkets representatives,                
existing company seeking new suppliers, and other Trade Visitors.

Who can’t miss participating in The International Food Catalogue Show?

Whether your business is large or small you will benefit from the business resources, important contacts and top business leads in the rejoin by participating in the International Food Catalogue Show 2012.





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